Alina Babenko, visual artist

Painting is a voice of my soul. One conversation, soul searching is one vivid subject of painting. White sheet, blank canvas, on which I illustrate myself sincere, free and unconstrained. Brushes and painting knife are the instruments, using which I represent my internal discourse. Lively colors are rays of light, the guides which help me make the right choice and move in accordance with my life orientation. Therefore each completed work has its own story of creation with continuation in the next paintings.

Before creating each painting, I get mentally prepared, and when I feel that the time has come, I completely engage myself to the act of creation. That is a deep plunge into yourself, and while I’m thinking over, my hand paints the images fuelled by the voice of my heart. Therefore each painting is made in one go, at the moment, here and now. And the most productive time for creativity is a night, and subject of my paintings are a plain improvisation. After I finished one painting, I necessarily give myself time for rethinking it. There are moments when I make myself paint. It helps me regain my strength and return my internal balance. It is that case, when the act of creation is inspiration rather than vice versa.

A fear, that’s what I feel, when I see a blank canvas in front of me. Each time the fear is bigger and bigger, and each time, when I hold palette and instrument in my hands, is like a first time. Of course, my curiosity wins over fear, and several hours later I’m already trying to get a good look at the result of my work. It impresses, scares, and sometimes it is off-putting. That is a temporary thing. Several days – and festive colors fill with warmth spilling the sunlight inside of a contemplator. Different beholders see different things in one painting.

Alina Babenko
Alina graduated from the Academic Art School in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Region, Ukraine in 2011 and completed her Master’s degree in Architecture at Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine in 2017.
In 2016, Alina began painting oil paintings and has since developed her own technique, which allows her to reflect her life experiences on canvas. The artist’s paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Qatar.

Alina’s Statement
Each canvas is a step which leads to opening of undiscovered individual’s properties, truths, values, desires and possibilities. Using canvas and lively colors, I reproduce the light, which lives inside me, creating the whole story in my pictures. The story, which no one heard before and won’t hear, but can only guess about what is happening by subject of the painting.