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  • My Big Heart

The Great Heart

“The Great Heart” is a sincere expression of various emotions within me. Love, sorrow, empathy, and vulnerability – all of these intertwine in this “Great Heart.” This composition invites us to embark on a deep personal and inner journey. While you gaze upon the canvas, delve into your own “Great Heart,” uncover the facets of your emotional world, and connect with the universality of the human experience. This painting is not about ordinary words; it is a dialogue directly with the soul, reminding us that beneath our unique outer shells – our bodies, we all possess “Great Hearts” filled with a kaleidoscope of feelings.

Name: “The Great Heart”
Series: “Dialog”
Size: 100*140 cm
Materials: oil paint, canvas
Place of creation: Vienna
Date of creation: 2023

Price: 5000 €