Ptashka Art Project / 22.09.22

Charity event in support of Ukrainian women and their children in Vienna: 22.09.22

On 22 September, a charity event was held in Vienna to support Ukrainian mothers and their children.
Over 70% of refugees from Ukraine are women, many of whom have children. Therefore, efforts were made to help these women.
A Ukrainian woman with her child who fled the war. Who is she? What is she like? What kind of help does she need? What can she do? And how can you help her now? These were the questions discussed at the charity event.
Tetiana Pytailo, founder of the Ptashka Art Project for young talented Ukrainian artists. The logo depicts a bird in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, and if you look at it from a different angle, you can see a heart. This is a symbol of the fact that Ukraine is forever in the hearts of refugees, no matter how far they are from their homes. Ukraine needs help the most right now. The charity event featured the artworks of two Ukrainian artists: Alina Babenko and Vlada Korotiuk.

We are grateful to Markhof for their help and organisation of the space for the evening. We would like to thank GRND, Die Bröslerei, St Barbara’s Church and everyone else who supported us so enthusiastically.

We thank everyone for coming to the evening and supporting us not only with words but also with deeds.

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