October 14th, 2023, the official launch of Up&Coming, an occasion that coincided with the grand opening of the incredible event venue, Space 11, and the launch of their esteemed partner, Crypto Need Investments. Glad to present artworks and to be a part of that incredible evening.

The event was nothing short of spectacular, with fantastic guests, super music, live singing, a great variety of diverse talents, valuable networking opportunities, delectable culinary delights, and an exciting lottery with incredible prizes!

Incredible partners, whose support and collaboration made this event possible:

flowers: Vie De Flamme;
alcohol: Spirits Up;
beverages: Buzzballz;
gifts: Vishe and D.azzling Scents;
clothing brand: Ayushin and Clothing brand: The Slow Label;
photographer: Anna Konaschevich;
chef: Vlad Arminayts.

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I’m often asked what kind of interior I would place my paintings in. At Savarts Studio I felt that it was in such an interior that I would really present some of my paintings. It was a unique opportunity to feel what it’s like not in a gallery, not in an exhibition hall or a salon, but at home. This is a new and interesting experience.

I presented some of my paintings that I created in Kyiv before I moved to Vienna. The name of my series of paintings is Dialogue, Inner Dialogue. At the time I created the paintings, it was a dialogue with my soul, with my heart.

But I want to emphasise that when you look at the paintings, or the artwork that you like the most, you create your own inner dialogue with this composition. And I recommend you to listen to your inner voice at that moment. Feel what art will tell you, how it will respond inside.



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Other exhibitions

It was an absolutely incredible experience!

I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who visited and supported me at the group art exhibition “Bloom. Awakening”
organized by Ptashka Art Project, Tetyana Ptashka.

Two of my artworks “Blossom” and “Synergy” are proudly displayed at the exhibition. These pieces hold a special place in my heart, representing my passion and dedication to the world of art.

Other exhibitions

It was a pleasure to present some artworks at an incredible event, a style performance by famous Ukrainian stylist Lina Khrystoforova in Hotel Motto, Vienna.
The meeting was dedicated to the trends of spring 2023, and the paintings “Woman” and “Synergy” complemented this wonderful event, adding to the spring colours and mood.

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Other exhibitions

Charity event in support of Ukrainian women and their children in Vienna: 22.09.22

On 22 September, a charity event was held in Vienna to support Ukrainian mothers and their children.
Over 70% of refugees from Ukraine are women, many of whom have children. Therefore, efforts were made to help these women.
A Ukrainian woman with her child who fled the war. Who is she? What is she like? What kind of help does she need? What can she do? And how can you help her now? These were the questions discussed at the charity event.
Tetiana Pytailo, founder of the Ptashka Art Project for young talented Ukrainian artists. The logo depicts a bird in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, and if you look at it from a different angle, you can see a heart. This is a symbol of the fact that Ukraine is forever in the hearts of refugees, no matter how far they are from their homes. Ukraine needs help the most right now. The charity event featured the artworks of two Ukrainian artists: Alina Babenko and Vlada Korotiuk.

We are grateful to Markhof for their help and organisation of the space for the evening. We would like to thank GRND, Die Bröslerei, St Barbara’s Church and everyone else who supported us so enthusiastically.

We thank everyone for coming to the evening and supporting us not only with words but also with deeds.

DSC 3882
DSC 3887
DSC 3889
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DSC 3929
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DSC 3962
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DSC 4510
DSC 4534
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DSC 4572
DSC 4590
DSC 3888
DSC 3899
DSC 3915

Other exhibitions

Alina Babenko
Alina graduated from the Academic Art School in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Region, Ukraine in 2011 and completed her Master’s degree in Architecture at Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine in 2017.
In 2016, Alina began painting oil paintings and has since developed her own technique, which allows her to reflect her life experiences on canvas. The artist’s paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Qatar.

Alina’s statement
When I paint, I show what my heart feels. It is a very sensitive approach for me to find my innermost self. It allows me to have an inner dialogue with myself and my deepest feelings, which is then reflected in all my artwork. Each of my paintings begins with a blank canvas and evolves through the process of my journey alone. I use brushes and painting knives to bring this journey to life on the canvas. The emphasis on bright colours is an important feature of my work that has evolved over time, as they are like rays of light that guide me to make the right choices in life and to fulfil my life’s mission. Consequently, each completed work has its own genesis, which is reflected in the works that follow.

About Arthentico
Arthentico is a hybrid art gallery specialising in the presentation, sale and rental of high quality artworks. Each artwork is carefully selected according to the quality criteria of our art experts and made available to everyone.

Galerie Frank Wien, Himmelpfortgasse 12, 1010 Vienna.
Opening hours:
26.10.2022 – 30.10.2022
11:00 – 20:00

Other exhibitions

Other exhibitions

In August 2021, in Domosfera SC an opening of Dialog painting exhibition was held, the author is a famous architect and designer, Alina Babenko.

Alina was learning classical drawing and watercolor painting from her childhood, but she wasn’t dare to present her works to a wide audience. And when she understood that she can have a dialog via painting, and art works are not only motivation and inspiration for her, it is the voice of her soul, which sounds in space and inspires the other, Alina Babenko decided to hold her first personal exhibition.

You can look at the works of the artist at D.Hub creative space on the 3rd floor of Domosfera SC (Kiev, Stolychne Highway, 101).

Other exhibitions

Ballet is another art form where the artist finds her artistic release.

On the 21st of June, in the October Place two performances was held: «Snow White» starring charming Anna Stoyanova and «Swan Lake» in attendance with consummate Ekaterina Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov.

Ballet choreography practices were one of the sources of inspiration for the artist when she painted her collection of pictures named «Dialog», some of these painting were presented that day on the 21th of June 2021 in the October Palace.

That is a perfect opportunity to enjoy ballet and painting art at the same time and place!

Other exhibitions

Alina Babenko is a designer and visual artist. In this spring she will present her first personal exhibition named «Dialog».

On the 5th of March Kiev Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery opened its doors presenting the new exhibition where each canvas was a step which led to opening of undiscovered individual’s properties, truths, values, desires and possibilities.

That is Alina Babenko’s first personal exhibition. For the artist, first personal exhibition opening is a momentous event: it is a kind of internal recognition and acceptance of your own imaginative nature. Using lively colors, the author reproduces the light, which lives inside her, creating the whole story in her pictures. The story, which no one heard before and won’t hear, but can only guess about what is happening by subject of the painting.

Alina paints her abstract pictures with a la prima oil paint , that the reason why each of her work is a phrase of unclosed dialog, where the author is waiting for replies from the world around, creating communication iteration with a viewer.

Alina Babenko, visual artist:

«This exhibition is the dialog which sometimes you are unable to hear and can be reproduced with the instruments we all gifted from the day we born».

Exhibition opening took place on the 5th of March in closed format and in accordance with MHC recommendations at Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery at the address: Kiev, Saksaganskogo street, 59B.

The exhibition was held until the 19th of March, 2021 and conducted in the format of selling exhibition in accordance with the recommendations of MHC.

Other exhibitions