• To The Main Goal
  • To The Main Goal

To the Main Goal

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It’s a journey of ambition, aspiration, and unwavering determination.

The figure symbolizes the individual embarking on this profound journey. Immersed in vibrant colors radiating intensity, the figure embodies unwavering dedication to the primary goal.

“To the Main Goal” captures the essence of inner fortitude, portraying not only the physical journey but also the spiritual one, where the soul aligns with the aspiration, and the heart beats in rhythm with the goal. It stands as an inspiring testament to the belief that with unwavering commitment, an unyielding spirit, and a soul aligned with purpose, we can overcome any obstacle on the path to achieving our main objectives.

Name: “To the Main Goal”
Series: “Dialog”
Size: 60*80 cm
Materials: oil paint, canvas
Place of creation: Vienna
Date of creation: 2023