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Face to Face

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“Face to Face” serves as a metaphorical mirror in which we confront our own reflection. It evokes the intimate moment when we gaze into our own eyes, seeking the truth within and listening to the whispers of our inner voice. In this introspective act, we may find revelations, self-discovery, and a profound connection with our innermost selves. Bold, confident brushstrokes are interwoven with delicate details, creating a visual tapestry that mirrors the intricacies of human connection and self-discovery.

“Face to Face” reminds us that our most profound relationships often begin with the one we have with ourselves—a relationship that holds the potential for self-understanding, authenticity, and inner truth.

Name: “Face to Face”
Series: “Dialog”
Size: 100*140 cm
Materials: oil paint, canvas
Place of creation: Vienna
Date of creation: 2023