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“Cognition” illustrates the harmonious interplay between the intellectual mind and the soul, depicting the journey from raw information to refined wisdom. This is conveyed with eloquence and expertise, embodying the power of intellectual growth and the profound impact of one person’s journey on the world. It represents the synergy between the intellectual brain and the soul, where the fusion of knowledge and profound understanding takes place, enriching not only the mind but also the essence of one’s being.

Abstract shapes resembling the perpetual motion of thoughts and ideas are portrayed, with electric blue and green hues symbolizing the intricate neural pathways of cognition. A bright yellow line traverses the canvas, signifying the continuous flow of knowledge and energy absorbed from the world. It undergoes transformation, and knowledge is shared with the world, taking on a new form as it is disseminated.

Name: “Cognition”
Series: “Dialog”
Size: 100*140 cm
Materials: oil paint, canvas
Place of creation: Vienna
Date of creation: 2023